Until All are Free

Governments across the world have developed numerous welfare measures to meet the basic needs of their citizens – especially those from poorer sections of society. However, offenders who seek to earn profits through exploitative practices, restrict or cut off access to government’s schemes by controlling the vulnerable people using brute force, threats and other forms of abuse.

Though countries have strong laws to prevent such atrocities, offenders commit these crimes, unafraidof consequences, due to the lack of implementation of laws. To put an end to this cycle of injustice against people in poverty, Cross Global works collaboratively with government and civil societies by applying the following model

The Kural Podcast


The Kural is presented by Cross Global. This podcast features conversations with abolitionists, activists, Government officials, and leaders who are fighting some of the world’s most challenging humanitarian issues. In every episode, we will discover more about Human Trafficking, and slavery, and how we can takea step – a little or a big one – by using our own voice to End slavery in our lifetime.

What People Say About
Cross Global?




I have to say that these people are amazing! they are so ambitious at helping the poor coming out of violence while they're not working as a usual company, they are working t ogether as a family which is impressive!


RBLA -Co-ordinator


Cross Global has been the greatest support for the survivors. Especially in COVID’19 Lockdown, Cross Global’s emergency funds for the survivors, dry rations helped them sustain in the lockdown.


Rajagiri College,Kerala


For the first time, I heard what Human Trafficking is. Thanks for your awareness sessions. I will commit my life to stand for the vulnerable in my country.

Annual Report 2021