Governments across the world have developed numerous welfare measures to meet the basic needs of their citizens – especially those from poorer sections of society. However, offenders who seek to earn profits through exploitative practices, restrict or cut off access to government’s schemes by controlling the vulnerable people using brute force, threats and other forms of abuse.

Though countries have strong laws to prevent such atrocities, offenders commit these crimes, unafraid of consequences, due to the lack of implementation of laws. To put an end to this cycle of injustice against people in poverty, Cross Global works collaboratively with government and civil societies by applying the following model

Our Solution


We have established multiple resources to raise awareness on the issue of Modern-Day Slavery


We partner with CSOs to respond to the needs in the communities before they reach a critical level of risk


we strive to support and work with Government authorities who plays an active role in rescuing victims of human trafficking


Prosecute the offenders of Human Trafficking & Slavery


Holistic aftercare is a necessity to prevent survivors from being exploited gain. We aim to see lives fully restored.


Provide resources to equip Individuals & civil societies to End Slavery by 2030

Gary A Haugen


“The Victims of injustice in our world do not need our spasms of passion; they need our long obedience in the same direction – our legs and lungs of endurance; And we need sturdy stores of joy.”

Our Projects


Awareness sparks conversation and ignites us to find solutions. So far, We have reached 6000 Students in South India through Human Trafficking Seminars and Various Awareness Campaigns

Computer Training

Basic Computer Training course is exclusively curated for Rescued Bonded Labourers by Cross Global in partnership with Rescued Bonded Labour Association. Cross Global started the course for the RBLA leaders on Feb 1st 2020. The syllabus of the course includes all basic operations involved in computing activity. So far, 6 Leaders of RBLA has successfully completed the Course

Spoken English

Speaking English allows the survivors to actually broaden their world, from using mobile phones to job opportunities. Our Team has exclusively curated a Basic Spoken English Course for The Survivors Rescued from Human Trafficking

Sports Academy

The goal of this project is to prevent vulnerable children from school dropouts, child marriages, child labor, drug addictions. And, increase their self-esteem and self-confidence by using sports


Cross Global engages with Government agencies and lawmakers to advance a human rights-based approach to human trafficking. We promote policies that address the root causes of trafficking, guarantee the protections and rights of trafficked persons, and encourage survivor leadership in efforts to combat human trafficking


We Rehabilitate survivors through livelihood skills with the hope of reintegrating them back into society. Our Goal is to promote livelihood options for adolescent tribal women in rural areas.

It places women’s security and human rights at the centre of its efforts, promoting women’s rights, opportunities and capacities through this initiative. With support from SRLM & RBLA, with an aim to create sustainable livelihood options to protect and prevent women from being trafficked.

AHT Learning

AHT Learning is an online program. An opportunity to learn from the leading organizations and Human rights defenders across the globe. This program has launched with a view that it would help learners to understand the various contours of human trafficking and slavery.

We believe that this program would enable the learner to know about the rescue and rehabilitation of the victims and prosecuting the offenders. Further, this program will also allow the learners to have hands-on ground with Cross Global in the rescue and rehabilitation programs

The Kural Podcast


The Kural is presented by Cross Global. This podcast features conversations with abolitionists, activists, Government officials, and leaders who are fighting some of the world’s most challenging humanitarian issues. In every episode, we will discover more about Human Trafficking, and slavery, and how we can takea step – a little or a big one – by using our own voice to End slavery in our lifetime.